Air, Metal & Earth

This audio documentary follows a group of researchers as they try to unearth decades of neglect, discrimination, and toxic practices in Santa Ana, CA. You will be an active participant in solving the mystery behind pollution maps: Was it lead-based paint, car emissions, farming practices, or metal factories? Each episode will interrogate these usual suspects while also narrating important moments in the history of the town, from the story of oil, gasoline, and automobiles to housing development, redlining, and lead-paint.

Smelters & Rivers in Peru

This visual tour around the Yauli and Huarochirí Provinces in Peru explores the environmental legacy of the numerous refineries built in the Central Highlands before 1922. It shows where these refineries were located, provides a brief history of their founders, and explains how they used and changed the surrounding environment.

Mine Labor & Photography

Although central to the making of the mining industry, laborers hardly appear in the archives of mining companies, government agencies, and newspapers. The novel use of photographic cameras in the 1900s and 1910s, however, allowed for engineers to inadvertently capture portraits of workers in their jobs.
This exhibit features the lives of these workers as captured through photo lenses.

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