“Between 1987 and 2001, 80% of children with high levels of lead in blood were children of color, among them, 60% were black”

Meyer, Pamela et. al., “Surveillance for Elevated Blood Lead Levels Among Children (1997 – 2000)” (CDC, September 1, 2003).

Lead is an epidemic that has been ravaging communities of color across the country and the world for 100 years. The reasons why it was and continues to be so rampant of an issue did not hinge upon the individual choices of parents or homeowners. The story of lead in our environment is a story about capitalism, the politics of science, and the subtle and overt workings of environmental racism.

Air, Metal, and Earth · Ep 1: A Community against Lead


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  • Original reporting on the lead crisis in Santa Ana was done by Yvette Cabrera
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