History of Soil-Lead Project

I collaborated closely over several years with environmental activists and public health experts to understand the sources of soil-lead contamination in Southern California and design equitable paths for remediation.

As part of this coalition, I was involved in public-policy roundtables with Orange County Health Care Agency and the City of Santa Ana’s Planning Agency.

I also teach history and public media modules for the Environmental Justice Organizing Academy led by OCEJ.

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Mining for the Climate

As part of Blue Lab at Princeton University, I co-led a collaborative project investigating the  environmental and  social impacts of  lithium production in the United States. 

As part of this project, our team produced an audio documentary focused on a lithium mine in North Carolina. You can find the documentary on the Blue Lab website, or any podcast player under the show name “Mining for the Climate.”

Mining for the Climate is a project anchored in critical approaches to experiential learning. The project was designed for the close mentorship of undergraduate students as they refine their research, fieldwork, and multimedia-production skills. Here is a short video documenting our work: